You have to be involved with everything and can’t let go of the details.


You enjoy being an on-call handyman both day and night.


You want to be the one who selects the tenant with a proven set of consistent, objective guidelines and take that legal responsibility.


Have plenty of time to review, train, and stay up-to-date on Texas current tenant and owner laws to keep you out of trouble.


Time to collect rent, handle repairs, and inspect the property.


You have a good tenant retention system and reduced vacancy rate program in place for your properties.


You have a good bulletproof lease and have a proven real estate landlord lawyer you work with.


You have good vendors and contractors ready at reduced rates that put you as a priority for your properties.


Your time is less valuable that the money you will save on the investment in a good property management company.

If the reasons above don't apply to you...call us.

Our team will be happy to help you find the right solution for your rental.